Essential community services are provided by the Road and Recreation and Water and Sewer associations. These nonprofit corporations are governed by directors elected by Crystal Lakes property owners.

Road and Recreation Association

In addition to managing the extensive open space and common areas in Crystal Lakes, the Road and Recreation Association provides road maintenance, snow plowing, trash removal from a central location, fish stocking, and coordination of other recreational activities.

Water and Sewer Association

The Crystal Lakes Water and Sewer Association is responsible for administering the water rights augmentation plan for Crystal Lakes and the surrounding area, which enables property owners to obtain well permits. It also operates year-round and seasonal water and sewer systems serving portions of Crystal Lakes, provides for water and wastewater hauling services to members who have installed cisterns and sealed vaults and offers RV holding tank pumping services.

Joint Association

The Joint Board is the combination of the two other associations and decides for the community matters concerning personnel and other issues where maximum representation of the owners is optimal.