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The Road Committee is seeking input from Crystal Lakes property owners as to which roads need to be improved in the coming years.  When you suggest a particular road, please identify it by name and provide a brief explanation of the problem.  Rest assured, the email address that you provide along with your suggestion, comments, and/or questions will ONLY be used by the Road Committee in responding to property owners.  Your input is invaluable to us and we thank you for taking the time to complete this form.  

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The Road Committee presented the following presentation at a Town Hall meeting on February 20, 2010. We have reduced the size of the file as much as possible so please be patient during the download.  Thank you!  

Town Meeting for Rd Improvement 2-20-10.[...]
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Contact Information

Jack Goodell, Chairperson

Jerry Valko
Keith Trusler 

Casey Meadows, R&R Board Liaison

Meeting Time and Place


CharterRoadCommittee 2013-14.pdf
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All photos curtesy of Curt Livingston

Crystal Lakes Property Owners:


The article earlier this month listed many road improvement projects which were accomplished over the last several years as a result of monies funded by the membership's participation in the Road Improvement Special Assessment.  Those projects consisted mainly of improving drainage by installing culverts, resurfacing roads with gravel road base, and crowning roads to further improve drainage and prevent road deterioration.


You will find included with this article photos giving a few examples of various road improvements, including a picture from 2003 when material was first applied to Tami Road and Ottawa South because of exposed bedrock.  Photos from Ottawa South and Santee Court illustrate the drainage washout at the intersection and a clogged culvert.  Ninth Filing road improvement photos show stages of road improvement work on Yuki Drive, Socorro Trail and Neosho Trail.  Surfacing and drainage work on Shoshoni Drive and South Ottawa Way are shown in the remaining photos.  Thanks to Curt Livingston for providing these photographs.


The material and trucking costs have increased substantially from 2003/2004 to 2008/2009, with costs running ~ $80,000.00/mile in 2009.  These increased costs directly impact the length of road that can be improved.  As each mile is improved there is a direct savings on maintenance vehicle repairs due to the wear and tear placed on equipment by poor road surfaces.  Property owners share cost savings with their private vehicle repair costs and also when road improvements have been accomplished.


A Town Meeting is scheduled for February 20, 2010, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. in the Wapiti Center to discuss the Road Committee's proposed Special Road Improvement Assessment.  All members are invited to attend.


Road Committee:


     Jack Goodell, Chair

     George Deaton

     Jerry Valko

     Gary Wiegel


To the Crystal Lakes Property Owners:


In 2004 the membership was asked to approve a $50.00 Special Assessment to be used for road improvements. This proposal was approved for five years. The last of the special assessment monies are being used to complete some of the road improvements planned for MicMac Drive to Osage Trail and up towards Flathead. The Road Improvement Committee is asking the members to consider reinstating the Road Improvement Special Assessment in order to continue much needed road improvement work.


The improvements that have been accomplished with this designated money consisted mainly of resurfacing roads with gravel and installing new culverts and grading to alleviate some of the drainage issues that caused excessive deterioration of the existing roads. Projects completed from 2004 through 2009 include:


  • 2004: Tree clearing on Carrier Way (previously Catamount Way), Hatchetumi Drive, Shoshoni Drive, and Shasta Way. Surfacing on Delaware Court, and Beartrap Road.
  • 2005: Widening of Beartrap Road, access to Lone Pine Lake Drive, and Munsee Court from CR73C.
  • 2006: Surfacing and drainage work on Yuki Drive, Tesuque Trail, Socorro Trail, Neosho Trail, Axtupi Court, Mosquito Drive to Shasta Way, and Shasta Way. Dust abatement applied to a test section of Ottawa Way South.
  • 2007: Surfacing and drainage work on Tiny Bob to Mohave Court, Tesuque Trail, Tohome Trail, and Osage Trail to Concho Court. Dust abatement applied to a test section of Ottawa Way South.
  • 2008: Surfacing and drainage work on Shoshoni Drive from Natchez Circle to South Ottawa Way and east Mobile Way, and Tami Road from North County Road 73C to Basecamp.
  • 2009: A drainage pan has been poured across Wapiti Drive through the mailshed parking area to improve drainage. Culvert installation is underway on MicMac Drive to Osage Trail to complete as much road improvement work as possible with the remainder of the Road Improvement designated fund.

Road Committee:
Jack Goodell, Chair
George Deaton
Jerry Valko
Gary Wiegel

For more information, feel free to contact us by telephone, email, or by using our contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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